Scanning to Google Drive

Written By Bill Griscom (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 29th, 2021

Using the Konica Minolta MFPs and PaperCut, you can now easily scan to Google Drive without the need to enter your username and password all the time. These steps should get you started:

  1. Scan your badge to log into the MFP.

  2. After you have signed in, choose the Scan option and then select Scan to Google Drive:
  3.  After choosing this option and scanning your document, you will receive a one-time email message that looks like the following:

  4. Click on the "Login to Google Drive" box and then proceed to log in with your L-S (Google) username/password and authorize PaperCut by choosing the Allow button. You should receive the following success message:

  5. After doing, every time you scan to Google Drive, your scan will be placed in a folder within Google Drive named "Scans for PaperCut MF." You will also receive a confirmation email each time.

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