Printing from mobile devices (iOS/Android)

Written By Bill Griscom (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 29th, 2021

If you need to print from an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or Android device, you're in luck with PaperCut on Konica Minolta (KM) MFPs.

For iOS devices, follow the steps below:

  1. Start by making sure you're on the L-S network.

  2. Each app can be a little different, so locate the print function within the specific app you're using, which may look something like this:

  3. When prompted with printer options, locate Secure Print, as shown here:

  4. When you choose to print, you will be asked to enter your credentials. You should enter your L-S credentials. Do not use after your username.

For Android devices, follow the steps here.

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