GlobalProtect VPN

Written By Bill Griscom (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 13th, 2020

At times it's important for faculty and staff to connect to the District's network using VPN software. Some of the common reasons are below:

  1. Accessing shared folders on an internal file server
  2. Printing from home
  3. Changing your Windows password
  4. Accessing the security camera system

Lampeter-Strasburg School District uses Palo Alto Networks Global Protect as the software to connect to the District network. Follow the steps below to connect:

  1. Look in the system tray for the GlobalProtect icon.

  2. If you cannot locate it, navigate to Palo Alto Networks and choose GlobalProtect from the start menu.

  3. Choose Connect in the window that should appear in the system tray (bottom right corner).

  4. Wait until it says Connected.

  5. If this is the first time you have connected to the VPN, then you may be disconnected after a few minutes while the software performs an update. If so, just repeat steps 1-4.

  6. To disconnect from VPN, locate the GlobalProtect icon, click on it, and select disconnect.

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